Tobaye, Machi.

“My hands are of your colour; but I shame to wear a heart so white.”



Strength: 6
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 9
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 8


By default, I play Machi as part of his 'main' verse, or verse i, to keep things simple. I'm capable of roleplaying in other ones or writing differing SLs. Other AUs are cool, too! Just ask!

•. Pre-Serenade :. Post-Serenade
Takes place before the events of Turnabout Serenade Generally, he is still with Lamiroir in Borginia at this point, but may be traveling internationally..Takes place after the events of Turnabout Serenade. Typically, Machi spends time in jail (anywhere from 6 months to 4 years, depending on specifics) and then settles in Los Angeles.
i. Key
After the events of Serenade, Machi spent nine months in juvy, before permanently settling in Los Angeles. Officially, he lives with Lamiroir– who never regained her memory– but Daryan (after his release from prison, anyways; he managed to get away with a simple manslaughter charge) often helps to take care of him. He’s begun to attend a public high school in the city, although he’s had a lot of trouble with all of this adjustment.

Verse-specific relations: Daryan | Lamiroir | Mob | Sebastian
ii. Smuggler. iii. Piano’s Serenade
In this timeline, LeTouse is never murdered, although Machi and Daryan are still arrested for smuggling. Machi is tried in the American court, and thus spends 2 years in juvenile detention. Serenade proceeds as it does in canon, and Machi is sentenced to four years in juvenile detention. When he gets out at the age of 18, he begins to live in a halfway house, and works at a small bar as a pianist at night, and at a grocer during the day. He’s saving up to try and make enough to rent an apartment.



In 2012, Machi was born to an affluent family in the small countryside of Bassyön, Borginia. He lived happily with his mother, father, and older sister for four years, before they lost their home to an electrical fire in 2016. His parents died there, and although his sister led him out, she later succumbed to smoke inhalation.

He spent the next four years in the town's orphanage, and in that time he took a liking to the piano— so much so, in fact, that he simply became known as 'Machi the pianist' to most others. If there was a musical event nearby, he was sure to be there. In fact, one such event was how he met Lamiroir- a small music festival in a nearby city featured her, and Machi was enraptured from the moment she began to sing. In the end, his eight-year-old self badgered her into performing a duet with him, and they found that they worked quite well together.

He was adopted by Lamiroir a few months later, and they've been performing together ever since. There was no particular title for them; they were simply Lamiroir, the Sightseeing Musician, and Machi, the Pixie of the Arpeggio. However, once Lamiroir began to be known by that moniker, it became clear that her reputation would take a hit if they found out she was actually blind. So, her manager at the time came up with a solution: Machi would pretend to be the blind one. They spent much of their time together, anyways.

While it appeared that Lamiroir led Machi by the hand, it was the other way around: Machi served as her eyes, and would trace hieroglyphs into the palm of her hand to tell her anything she needed to know. They were together, always. Even when he began to plot with Daryan, he stayed by Lamiroir's side- he would only text Daryan in private, and never called. Lamiroir, even then, was the most important thing in his life. After all, it was for her that Machi got himself into the smuggling operation in the first place.




Romein LeTouse
Klavier Gavin
Daryan Crescend
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