Toneido, Uendo.

"All I have is me, myself and I and we are all getting really tired of each other."



Strength: 6
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 9
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 14


By default, I play Uendo as part of his 'main' verse, or verse i, to keep things simple. I'm capable of roleplaying in other ones or writing differing SLs. Other AUs are cool, too! Just ask!

•. Pre-Storyteller :. Post-Storyteller
Takes place before the events of Turnabout Storyteller.Takes place after the events of Turnabout Storyteller. Typically, Uendo spends a short time in prison, before returning to take over Kurukuru Tei.
i. Fragment
Shortly after the events of Turnabout Storyteller, Uendo was charged with tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. Thanks to a somewhat successful defense due to his mental state, he got off with only a month in jail, and three months on probation. The events that transpired have left Uendo struggling to keep it together, especially as he's managing the theatre by himself. While he's entirely unaware of it, multiple fragments linger on the periphery of his psyche, and Owen seems to be fronting more often in times of stress.

Verse-specific relations: Athena | Bucky



Very brief mentions of CSA and alcohol abuse for the first two paragraphs.

Uendo was born as Sadakichi Isoda, to a prostitute and one of her regular clients. Although he took her off of the streets and financially supported her and Sadakichi, he used this to his advantage to exploit her.

Sadakichi was regularly physically abused by his father, who was an aggressive alcoholic, and on two occasions, sexually abused by his father's friends. He lived with them until he was five, when there was an altercation between his parents— his mother, carrying Sadakichi in her arms, attempted to leave with him. While his father had aimed for his mother, he missed, shooting Sadakichi in the lower spine.

He ended up in the hospital for months, separated from his (both jailed) parents, and in his loneliness, his first alter formed: Kisegawa, an introject of his mother. After extensive physical therapy, he was able to learn how to walk again, although he would never fully recover, and entered the foster care system.

Going from home to home because of their behavioral issues, they split further, and rarely made any friendships or connections to others. They were only 8 when they were admitted into a children's inpatient facility.

This was where Sadakichi was first diagnosed with DID, and where Sadakichi split into two 'clusters' - "Owen", the child, and "Sadakichi", the adult. Many of the fragmented alters with Sadakichi eventually integrated through therapy and became "Patches", but Kisegawa stayed separate, along with a few fragments that never showed themselves. Owen and his associated fragments only fronted rarely, so they were never able to integrate.

When Sadakichi was 13, the children of the facility were allowed to attend a rakugo performance by the Toneido school... and from the beginning, he was enthralled. At eighteen, he ran away from the facility, all the way to the nearby theatre, in order to try to join the Toneido school. In the end, he was accepted, and was adopted by Taifu in order to establish inheritance rights.

He quickly surpassed Geiru, and after ten years, earned the name of Uendo Toneido.


  • Uendo/Sadakichi
  • Age: 28
  • Role: Host
  • Interests: Rakugo, calligraphy, meditation
  • Typing Style: Proper capitalization, no punctuation, and ends all messages with a sparkle emoji.
  • Personality: As the host and an ANP, he fronts the most around people he isn't very close to and in public. He's the mediator between Kisegawa and Patches, and usually handles stressful situations due to his level head. He has a weakness for sparkly things.
  • Kisegawa
  • Age: 32
  • Role: Caregiver, Protector, Introject
  • Interests: Brewing tea, doing her hair, watching Real Housewives
  • Typing Style: Types formally, with proper syntax and grammar.
  • Personality: The system's oldest alter. An introject of Owen's mother, she views him as her son, and will become violent if she believes he's in danger. Additionally, she tries to keep Patches in line. As a 'courtesan', she can be very flirtatious and occasionally hypersexual. She does her best to hide this, however, finding that trait to be repulsive.
  • Patches
  • Age: 12-17 (Age slider)
  • Role: Protector
  • Interests: Talking, bad puns, kirigami
  • Typing Style: Rly casual w lots of shortenin n textspeak LOL!!!
  • Personality: His role is to help lighten the mood during stressful situations, and to make people happy. However, he is a very hyperactive individual, and can end up getting them into trouble easily. Occasionally tries to touch hot stoves, bang his head against the wall, and other equally dangerous actions. It's not that he wants to, he just has a lot of pent up energy and urges.
  • Owen
  • Age: 5
  • Role: Little, Secret Keeper
  • Interests: The Pink Princess, feeling safe, dogs
  • Typing Style: no capitalization, uses ellipses a lot.... drops punctuation if he's comfortable with you... really likes kaomojis, uses '!!!' and dog emojis when excited.
  • Personality: Was the host until the body was 8. Holds most memories of abuse, and usually comes out when the others feel threatened, or when they taste alcohol. He's very shy and easily spooked. He usually refers to the alters as 'the others', but Kisegawa is his 'mama'. A mental block leaves him unable to walk without crutches, and he takes care of a rhinoceros beetle named Masagoro.


Bucky Whet
Geiru Toneido
Simon Blackquill
Nahyuta Sahdmadhi
Athena Cykes
Taifu Toneido